10 things you didn’t know about me 

Hey, so I was wondering what should I write in my first blog. I decided that I would introduce myself to you. So here are some things and facts about me.

1. My name is Māra. And I actually am named by highest mother’s deity in latvian mythology. 

2. So by now you can guess that I am from Latvia. I spend my childhood in small village (still am living in small village, but another one). 

3. I’m actually 23 years old. I was born on 22 March in 1994. I can believe how time Flys by… 

4. I’m living with my boyfriend (fiance). We have two cat’s – Minnija and Mikijs and one dog – Tors.

5. Righ now I’m trying to learn to play a piano. I don’t have any previous knowledge, but I trying to do it myself. 

6. I dream almost every day and my dreams are often pretty weird. 

7. I have low self-confidence. In another words I don’t like myself.,but I’m trying to fix that.


8. I love listening true scary stories and stories about missing people. I love horror. But I wish I could help to find those missing peoples… 

9. I love to read. There is something magical about visualizing a text you reading.

10. My dream is to have a little business in my hometown, something that I can share and make people happy. And I want to write a book, a roman. 

And there you go. Hope you enjoy to read this just as much as I enjoy to write it. My be you have a suggestion for my next blog?

Live, love and make your own story ✌️

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