My experience with paranormal. 

If you ask me, if I believe in paranormal? – Yes I believe. Why? Cause I’ve experienced some staff, that cange me. So I figured I’d share as halloween is coming up. Let’s start whit the first experience shall we…

My first experience was when I was about 9 or 10 years old. It was actually week before Ester. I woke up in the middle of the night and felt the pressure of someone sitting down on my bed. I thought that it was my dog who usually slept in my bed, well let me just tell you – it wasn’t. Next thing I know someone teaches me and starts whispering my name. In that moment my blood went cold and my body just numd. I tried to reach out to turn on my light and try to call my mom but nothing worked… Eventually I managed to call for my mom and she was like – it’s just your imagination or one of your sister’s is trying to prank you. Yeah,  it wasn’t! Did I know how it was- yes. I think it was my my grandmother. I think she wanted to say goodbye, cause she was going away finally, as she pasted 4 years before that.

This other experience happened not so long ago. It happened in high school, in my first year if I remember correctly I was staying in dorms. Just like the first time I worked up for no reason and just lay’d there. And than I heard it… There was a pretty heavy stomping in the corridor and it was getting closer to my room. My hart stopt when I heard the door opening. And then I heard our dorm supervisor saying “Māra are you awake”. For a second I felt relieved, but than I realized that tonight was the other supervisor’s shift. It came closer to me. Again I got completely numb. All that I felt was the cold air. I tried to preying and after a few moments It was gone. I’m actually surprised how fast I fall a sleep after that. After that I learned that that wasn’t the first thing that happened… There was some weird things happening here and there. Let’s just say it was scary.

Okey, right now is night where I live and I actually freak myself out a little bit. 😁that’s not that memorys that I want to recall… But hey at least you enjoy it😉

Live, love and make your own story ✌️

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