What’s in my purse.? 

Hi…today I figure I will show you whats in my bag 😏 I don’t have a massive bag so there’s not many things in my purse. So whit out further to do I will show you whats in my bag.

So this is my purse. In front it’s says that it’s  from NewMilano (made in China). But I don’t really care about it. If I like it I will buy it. This bag has a cross body strap and pretty decorative zipper thingy in front and that decorative fringy Keychain. I think I got it for about 15€ in link store.

The first and the biggest thing in my purse is my wallet. It takes over almost all of bag. It’s this beautiful beech color whit the snap thingy in front of the wallet. I have this wallet for about 2 or 3 years now and I think I bought it for about 12 €. 

And this is my cosmetics for my lips that you’ll find in my bag every time. For moisture lips Nivea lip butter and Isana sanet rose from Rossman. And for color this time I have essence matt lip gloss (it’s on of the rear matt lip glosses that are not matt 🤣) but it’s in nice bordoish color (I hope I spelled correctly)

And the last things I got in my purse was a pan, a hand cream and mail box keys. 

So that was all that I had in my purse. Hope you enjoy this.

Live, love and make your own story ✌️

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