Scary dreams. 

And there I was-rannig,trying to find hiding places. A safe place. An stupid me over here go in a firewood Shed. And than I saw him (it). He was stumbling around the shad, grumbling something. I was paralyzed. I saw him,my neighbor,but that’s not possible – he’s dead. But but now… he’s here. He is so close, I’m freezing… Hellp me…

Again! It’s happening again. I was hoping for nice dreams tonight, but now he’s here…he’s watching me. But no that’s not my neighbor this time, it’s  a family friend. He died yesterday,  but now he’s here starting. I’m trying to get hi to go away, but he wants to talk whit me. But I’m staying  quiet. I know better than talk to a dead man. Than I get beck in my room and play with my sister. He came to where we wear. He wanted to talk. And than he layed down on my bed. He layed there while the nails was inching there way from my bed. He layed there dead whit sharp nails stubbed his back… He did what to leave alone.

Hey there! I hope you enjoy this. And HAPPY HALLOWEEN 👹👻🎃🎃🎃

Live, love and make your story ✌️

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