5 things to do before new years. 

Hey! So a new year is not so far away. So I’m going to tell you what I want to do before it’s here. And let me know if someone of these things are on your bucket list to😉

Nr. 1 drop some weight… My goal is 60 kg, right now I’m 73 kg. And this is a tough one, cause this girl over here loves sweets😎

Nr. 2 got my self together. Oh boy how I need this, cause let me tell you my nerves are f***ing every where.

Nr. 3 learn to play at least one song on piano. 

Nr. 4 Dye my hair. I what to be a ginger.  😍

Nr. 5 just be a good person and try to help others in any way I can ✌️

Live, live and create your own story ✌️

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